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Accelerating our actions to tackle plastic consumption & waste until 2025

With an excess consumption, resulting into plastic wastes’ accumulation in landfills and in our oceans, endangering wildlife, tackling plastic pollution has never been so pressing.
It is an urgent priority for us and a responsibility we take seriously.

Our commitment to work towards a plastic-less operation, introduces a plastic reduction roadmap
for eliminating unnecessary consumption (also in alignment with the respective EU directive,
adopted in 2019) starting with the identification of the single-use plastic items currently
in use by the hotels’ departments.

In the context of a world trying to shift off of fossil fuels as an energy source, our goal is also to reducing
the use of plastics generated by fossil fuel and adopt new alternatives in our
day-to-day operation that eliminate harmful impact to ecosystems, climate-crisis and people’s health.

The Phāea Resort Roadmap of Actions & Goals towards a Plastic-less Operation
Connections with Hotel Operation pillars


We are committed to making a significant difference in the communities
and environment where we operate.
We are making progress but there is much more to come.

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and Nature shall not be broken.

—Leon Tolstoy

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