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Phaea Resorts

Cretans have one of the highest life expectancies in the world
thanks largely to their Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. We know how to make good things last,
and this knowledge is now becoming vital.


A new, Cretan longevity for people, their culture and their natural environment.

For this Mediterranean-style responsible living, we commit to:

Phāea farmers

Our commitment to caring for our community is woven into our core.

Through our Phāea Farmers Program we support those of our staff who farm during the off season, encouraging the cultivation of sustainable produce. We work with agronomists who specialize in guiding farmers towards more sustainable use of their land, training them in organic farming methods, creating more value for their produce, which is eventually sourced to our restaurants.

The program benefits the seasonal farming staff, and the local community’s health, environment and economy.

2020 -2021 products include aloe, grapes, wine, herbs, honey, fruits, olives/olive oil, seasonal vegetables, dairy products, and raki, a traditional, Cretan grape-based spirit.

Timeless Cretan Hospitality
Sustainability in our management

We always plan for the greater good and the longer term. We choose eco-friendly materials, designers and contractors wherever we can, and are steadily moving towards zero-plastic waste. At Blue Palace and Cretan Malia Park, a pioneering 3-year program of certified, sustainable landscape management will improve soil health, clean the air and increase energy efficiency.

We love our island, and we want it to be healthy. We compost our organic waste in our dedicated facility, so that we can continuously enrich our soil. We implement energy and water conservation practices, and we actively recycle. Most of our resorts are bike-friendly, so you don’t even have to use a car to see the island!

Contributing to local community
Inspiring our guests

We offer our guests opportunities to get involved in authentic local customs, to benefit from wellness pursuits, to reconnect with nature and to discover environmentally enlightening activities. Through our ongoing environmental activities program, we raise guests’ awareness of sustainable issues, in a fun & relaxed way that focuses on what’s local.

Organic kitchen garden tours

Hotel garden tours

Cretan Feast and Crete’s True Soul events

Experiences aboard a traditional fishing boat

“Therino” open air cinema

Organic olive oil tasting & ancient varieties wine tastings

Olive tree planting

Yoga, meditation and Pilates sessions

Kids’ educational activities with environmental focus

Sustainable nourishment

The Cretan diet, the origin of the famous Mediterranean diet, is what guides all our concepts in terms of nourishment for body and soul. In particular, we like to showcase the ancient, Cretan tradition
of vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Investing in quality ingredients represents an investment in health – our own, our guests’ and the health of the earth itself. We grow organic fruits and vegetables in our own kitchen gardens and are
working on organic certification.

We source sustainable, seasonal, local produce wherever possible, and favor those products unique to Crete and to Greece.

Sustainable design

Our design and architecture are the product of careful study of the island’s history, nature and resources. Inspired by the surroundings, we try to use sustainable materials, with a preference for those that are locally sourced. We incorporate local craftsmanship, celebrate our architectural heritage and commission new Greek
and Cretan artists and designers.

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