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Phaea Resorts

Nourish people’s soul with truth, freedom and relief.



Inspired by the integrity of the Cretan soul, PHĀEA Resorts a visionary of Greek Hospitality, aims at creating meaningful travel experiences for like-minded people. With beauty as its guide and Greek heritage as its main source of inspiration, PHĀEA Resorts craft meaningful travel experiences that bring people together and nourish body and soul. Marrying integrity with care, and expertise with passion, PHĀEA Resorts embrace innovation, sustainability and family values to create concepts that respect people, guests and associates alike, and give prominence to a truer, more timeless Greece that is worth celebrating.


We stay true to our promise for crafting products that offer guests the chance to create bonds with the place and the people. We shape guest experiences that have a different and special story to tell. We aspire to leave our mark in people’s minds, trigger their emotion, nourish their soul.

We marry expertise with integrity, excellence with warmth, high quality services with thrill to deliver experiences designed with meticulous care. We consider excitement as the path to reinvent ourselves every single day. We value passion as the driving force behind progress.

We acquire new knowledge to create innovation in our products and everyday practices. We develop concepts that redefine the essence of Greek hospitality, giving prominence to a truer, more timeless Greece. We think, create, act, outside the box. We are innovative at heart.

Committed to people
We respect people. We care and empower them, honoring family principles in business. We strive to bring like-minded people together. We are restlessly committed to people.

We integrate responsibility into everyday practice. We sustain the environment, we honor tradition, we support local economies. We are socially conscious thinkers and doers and we are proud.

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