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The Phāea Sustainable Landscape Management

At Phāea Resorts, we embrace sustainable practices designed to reduce and
lessen the impact of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on a local scale.
Each hotel monitors, measures, and reports on their GHG emissions.
This is one reason why we embrace technology and actively seek to change ingrained behaviors. Our efforts are focused on diverting waste from landfills,
recycling, food composting, implement a series of water & energy management
actions and moving towards a plastic-less operation.
Together, each action contributes to a healthier environment for future generations.

The 4 pillars of The Phāea Sustainable Landscape Management

Our Phāea Sustainable Landscape Management program commenced in 2021,
and been designed to improve soil health, mitigate climate change and increase energy efficiency in landscape, among others. The program’s focus is to implement
sustainable practices – moving away from synthetic pesticides, planting endemic
and xeriscape-friendly flora species and adopting edible landscape orientation,
with certified organic edible plants.

The Phāea Certified Organic Hotel Farming

With our Phāea Certified Organic Hotel Farming program, we raise awareness on the benefits of organic farming and promote sustainable agriculture in Crete.We operate our own open-air organic vegetable gardens, covering an area of 1500m², cultivating different varieties of fruit trees, vegetables and aromatic herbs that are endemic to the island with a production process that is certified organic by DIO – Certification Body of the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food of the Hellenic Republic. Our home-grown gardens are cared for by the team of our avid local gardeners and have produced more than 25 kinds of vegetables, fruits & herbs in the past years, that was sourced to our hotels’ kitchens. The organic kitchen gardens are open to visitors, while curated awareness activities & experiences, both for children and adults are organized throughout the season.

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