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Phaea Resorts
Consciousness. Innovation. Community.

Greek tradition, spirit and locality are reframed in fresh and unexpected ways, favouring subtlety and simplicity, bringing the classic and contemporary together as one.

Across all hotels, the virtues of care and authenticity are celebrated and anchored by an understated sense of luxury. It’s something that comes naturally to us.Connecting visitors to the ‘real’ Greece through original Phāea experiences that mirror our values, with kindness, generosity and a dedication to people and place.

Blue Palace, Elounda, Crete
Wild Beauty. Unrivaled Island Style

Tucked away in the gulf of Mirabello, nestled in a generous terrain
of wild beauty, lies Blue Palace. Here you can still unearth iconic Crete,
a must-visit place, where you can still sense an older, truer,
more timeless Greece.

Cretan Malia Park


A holistic approach to wellbeing, a focus on slow-paced living,
and a lush outside world blending harmoniously within,
all define this new take on Cretan hospitality.

Village Heights Resort
A truly peaceful prospect

If your ideal summer soundtrack is the hum of cicadas and the laughter
of children splashing in the pool, then this serene location, in lush green
gardens overlooking a stunning Cretan mountainscape, is for you. Bask in
the shade of olive, locust and pomegranate trees, and ponder your novel,
or your next game at the nearby Crete Golf Club.


Village Holiday Club
A charming Cretan getaway

Connect with the real Crete in the picturesque old village
of Κoutouloufari, where our Village Holiday Club combines
sympathetically restored stone houses and cottage-style
self-catering accommodation scattered among the carob,
pomegranate and olive trees.

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