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Phaea Resorts
True. Passionate. Innovative. Committed to people. Conscious.

Several years ago, a beautiful Greek hospitality story was born. Inspired by the integrity of Cretan soul, crafted with the passion and hard work of a visionary who knew that like-minded people, along with trust & commitment make true innovation happen.

As the years passed by and the new generation came in, bold ideas and products were brought to life,wishing to offer experiences that reinvent Cretan hospitality, honor Mediterranean responsible living and create moments that you would love to be part of.

Agapi Beach Resort
Heartfelt Stories of Crete

Located in the heart of Crete, Agapi Beach Resort offers apremium all-inclusive experience full of new and wonderful surprises with every visit, while maintaining an atmosphere of warmth and familiarity that reflects the distinctive culture of Crete. 

Blue Palace
A Luxury Collection
Resort and Spa, Crete
Wild Beauty. Unrivaled Island Style

Tucked away in the gulf of Mirabello, nestled in a generous terrain of wild beauty, lies Blue Palace. Here you can still unearth iconic Crete, a must-visit place, where you can still sense an older, truer, more timeless Greece.

Cretan Malia Park


A holistic approach to wellbeing, a focus on slow-paced living, and a lush outside world blending harmoniously within, all define this new take on Cretan luxury.

Village Holiday Club
A charming Cretan getaway

Between the sea and the mountains, Κoutouloufari Village Holiday Club is a calm home base offering an authentic Cretan experience. Scattered around a traditional village neighbourhood, among olive and locust tree, the restored stone houses and cottage-style buildings create a relaxed and laid-back ambiance.

Village Heights
A true haven of peace

On the north coastline of Crete, at the heart of the generous Cretan nature, Village Heights Resort is brimming with a wide range of diverse activities. Shaded by the surrounding locust and olive trees, with panoramic views of the stunning countryside, this eco-friendly resort blends harmoniously with the natural landscape that surrounds it.

Phaea Resorts
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